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Adrafinil, also known as Olmifon, is generally taken as a substitute to Modafinil, a nootropic drug, which can be quite expensive and which requires prescription before it may be consumed. The alternative of ingesting Adrafinil instead of Modafinil is popular because the effects of both drugs are the same in the sense that both drugs offer an increase in the levels of one’s alertness and mental energy. One drawback of using Adrafinil, however, is that it may be responsible for the build-up of detrimental enzymes in the liver. Hence, it is important to consider the possible liver toxicity in deciding on whether the addition of this drug to one’s daily practice should be done. Adrafinil and its effects should be clearly and deeply looked at in order to fully comprehend the gravity of the issues and problems that may develop in its consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, even so-called “safe drugs” also have side effects related to them, especially on one’s liver. An example of this would be Tylenol, a drug containing Acetaminophen, which, more or less, have the same hepatoxicity as that of Adrafinil. Even more alarming is that this regularly used product contains a very poisonous metabolite. Nevertheless, there are still methods in which these possible liver issues may be resolved. Everything is up to the individual’s decision to balance the benefits over the risks. A deeper understanding on what Adrafinil is, its workings, effects and potential side effects, however, is necessary for an individual to be informed of his decision. Toxicity in the liver, in general, is also of the utmost importance.

What Is Adrafinil?


  • What Is Adrafinil?
  • How Does Adrafinil Work?
  • Effects of Adrafinil on the Liver:
  • Putting Hepatoxicity In Perspective:
  • Possible Side Effects of Adrafinil:

heightening of attentiveness, focus and concentration.

The compound Adrafinil is classified under substances called eugeroics which literally means ‘good arousers’ as they are generally taken as a alertness agent Adrafinil has been proven to be essential in curing people with sleeping problems like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Adrafinil brings a stimulant-like effect but has less dangerous effects compared to the usual stimulants available since Adrafinil takes a different trail of action.

More popularly known as Olmifon, Adrafinil was discovered by a pharmaceutical company in France in the 1970’s. It is currently unregulated in the US and Canada but has been permitted for common use across Europe. Aside from promoting alertness, Adrafinil also has some Nootropic effects such as a boost in one’s mood and mental drive, as well as the heightening of attentiveness, focus and concentration.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

On the question of the procedure in which the drug works, the process itself is intricate and is yet to be fully understood. Nevertheless, Adrafinil is believed to have an effect on the Dopamine and Serotonin systems, both neurotransmitters responsible for the way one thinks and feels. Dopamine is responsible in the enhancement of one’s reward suystems, while serotonin, on the other hand, is mainly responsible for one’s sleep cycles and sense of pleasure amongst other things.

Aside from affecting Dopamine and Serotonin, Adrafinil, poses a promising effect on an individual’s hitamine levels which may further increase the sense of being alert. Since Adrafinil converts into Modafinil in the liver, the effects of Adrafinil becomes comparable to the effects of Modafinil. Some of which are inclined to enhance productivity, lessen signs of depression and improve mental performance in general.

Effects of Adrafinil on the Liver:

The effects may vary from one person to another.

As previously mentioned, Adrafinil breaks down into Modafinil when it reaches a person’s liver. This process causes the level of key enzymes to increase as there is a strain put upon the liver. The continued build-up of these enzymes may eventually cause long-standing damage to the liver and the symptoms of these may manifest six months after daily intake. Needless to say, different people have different levels of sensitivity, hence, the effects may vary from one person to another.

Nevertheless, consumption of Adrafinil, at suggested levels of dosage, is still deemed safe to physically fit people. Everyday consumption of Adrafinil is not advised. Instead, there should be a cycle in taking the drug so that the liver may have the chance to have a rest and to flush out the dangerous enzymes. Failure of the kidney to have some rest may lead to some issues. Obviously, an individual with a medical history of liver problems should refrain from taking Adrafinil without consulting a doctor. Adrafinil should also not be taken together with other drugs or be taken with alcohol.

Putting Hepatoxicity In Perspective:

Even aspirin is deemed to be detrimental to the liver when used frequently

The main issue with one’s liver lies on the fact that it operates as a processing center for a person’s body. There is a considerable amount of strain put upon the livers whenever an individual drinks alcohol, eats particular foods or ingests supplements, since these are all metabolized in the liver. Some chemicals are tougher on the liver compared to others, even aspirin is deemed to be detrimental to the liver when used frequently. Hence, it would not fair to say the Adrafinil is the sole cause of hepatotoxicity, rather it may contribute if taken for too long or in high doses.

Possible Side Effects of Adrafinil:

The supplement must not be taken together with other uppers such as caffeinated drinks

Consumption of Adrafinil has some adverse side effects especially if ingested at high dosages. These side effects include an increase in blood pressure and heart-related problems, hence, susceptible users who suffer from high blood pressure issues, as well as heart conditions, should consult their doctor before taking Adrafinil. The supplement must not be taken together with other uppers such as caffeinated drinks. One must always start with the lowest dosage, so the body may adjust to the drug. The suggested dosage is about 150 to 300 mg a day. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the supplement should not be taken continuously in order to avoid Liver Toxicty. For more information on the possible effects of the supplement, it is highly recommended that the individual read current users’ review online.


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