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Last Updated June 21, 2022

Adrafinil Powder Dosage

There are several different ways to measure powdered Nootropics. For the substances that aren’t too potent, a scoop can be used; this is often provided with the product. Whilst scoops may be an easy option without the hassle of purchasing another measuring device, they are not very accurate. The amount of powder that fits in the scoop will be dependent upon the density of the substance. Generally speaking, this method would not be recommended for Adrafinil powder. Adrafinil powder is a potent substance and one that should only be taken in small quantities. Since very large Adrafinil doses can be toxic, it is best to take the time to measure Adrafinil powder dosage accurately.

The majority of people taking Adrafinil powder seem to measure the dosage using accurate (0.001) scales. This should provide a much more accurate measure of Adafinil powder, and ensures that the consumer knows precisely how much they are taking. It is possible to buy relatively cheap scales from online marketplaces such as Amazon. Weighing boats may also help the process.


Tip: keep your phone away from your scales as having it close can disturb the reading.

Ensuring that the Adrafinil powder dosage is accurate is also important because people may react differently to the substance, and the ‘optimal dosage’ will vary from person to person. It is often recommended that when you first take Adrafinil powder, you take a relatively small dose (e.g. 100mg) and work your way up gradually. This way you will be able to monitor your response to each dose in detail, making it easier to work out which dose works best for you. It may be best to take each dosage for a week or two before moving up to the next amount.

Whatever dose you opt for, sources state that you should not take Adrafinil daily, sticking to a maximum of two or three times a week at times when you need to feel alert. Adrafinil is usually sold in 300mg doses when in capsule form. The majority of people recommend 300mg as a maximum dose, although some have reported taking up to 600mg on a regular basis. For more information please check our dedicated Adrafinil Dosage page.

Alza 36, a user on drugs-forum, describes his experience when taking just 50mg Adrafinil powder:

“About 30 minutes after dosing, I began to feel the onset; I felt maybe a little bit heavier, my eyes were open a little more, I felt as though I was obligated to pay attention to uninteresting things. 90 minutes into the experience, I began feeling what I believe its full effects. I had an increased awareness of what was going on around me, I felt very optimistic about everything, and I had almost God-like powers to think and concentrate. I felt very much awake … It is now six hours after the dose, and I am still feeling the plateau of this drug.”

‘Shphongle 22’ on the same thread wrote that they take doses of 600mg Adrafinil four times a week. This variance in dosage just goes to show how differently people can react to the same substance, and reinforces the importance of identifying your ‘optimal dosage’ before taking Adrafinil regularly. It should be mentioned that taking large amounts of Adrafinil on a regular basis is not recommended and could cause adverse side effects.

Adrafinil Bulk Powder


Adrafinil powder is available to buy in bulk from some vendors. Generally speaking, purchasing in bulk will reduce the price of Adrafinil powder per gram, but there are some things to consider before deciding to buy in bulk.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the vendor is reliable. Since Adrafinil is not sold in high street stores in most countries, or on the websites of any well-known health stores, it can be difficult to find a reliable vendor. No brands of Adrafinil powder have been approved by the FDA or MHRA. As such, people often have to purchase Adrafinil powder from lesser-known websites, and often from international companies.

It is not recommended that you purchase in bulk straight away from a company that you have not used before, particularly if the company is not well-known. Before purchasing, you should look for independent customer reviews of the vendor, and check that their website and payment methods are safe. It may also be worth looking for customer reviews of the product itself from the exact website, and check whether or not previous customers have had positive experiences with the company and believe that the Adrafinil powder sold by them is pure. Also look for a certificate of analysis (COA).

Issues with customs may also be heightened when purchasing in bulk. A large package containing significant amounts of Adrafinil powder is more likely to be prevented from entering a country than a small package, which may slip past the system. In many countries, it is legal to import a small amount of Adrafinil for personal use, but illegal to import large quantities. If a bulk package of Adrafinil is spotted by customs, it may therefore be stopped and sent back to the seller.


Companies based in China and southern Asia are more generally renowned for offering Adrafinil powder in bulk at relatively cheap prices, however, these companies may also prove difficult to communicate with. It is important that you are confident in the ability to contact the company you are buying from, and discuss any potential problems with them. You want to be sure that you understand the procedure if the package does not make it through customs. There have also been reports of Chinese vendors being unreliable and sometimes sending customers the wrong product.

Adrafinil shelf life


Finally, it is important to remember that Adrafinil powder does not last forever. It is thought to have a shelf life of around two years, after which time you should not consume the substance. The MHRA states that Modafinil tablets have a shelf life of two years, but it would be worth checking with your Adrafinil vendor what the shelf life is before buying in bulk. You want to be sure that you don’t purchase far too much of the substance and end up throwing away a large amount of the batch. In order to make sure that you make the most of your money, it may be useful to work out precisely how much you may use in a two year period before buying Adrafinil powder in bulk.

To summarise, before purchasing in bulk you should remember that:

  • The powder may be more likely to be stopped at customs and sent back to the sender
  • Adrafinil powder does have a use-by date: it may not work out cheaper if you end up throwing half of it away
  • Some vendors may be unreliable; ensure that you are dealing with a safe and efficient company who are easy to contact before purchasing from them in bulk

Adrafinil Powder City

Powder City is a popular website for buying Adrafinil powder (and other Nootropic substances) in bulk. Between 5g and 50g of Adrafinil powder is available from this website costing between $13.87 and $74.95. There are a number of positive reviews on the official website regarding the product and the company. The company is based in the Unites States but does ship internationally (including to the UK, Australia and Canada). The website contains a good selection of information regarding the company and the products, and a returns policy and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee are offered on products.

Pill Scout provides a review of Adrafinil powder purchased from Powder City. The user claimed that the powder they received dissolved well in near-boiling water and had a very strong odour and bitter flavour. These are supposedly signs that the Adrafinil is genuine. The other sign to look out for is very strong smelling urine.

It seems that the appearance of Adrafinil can vary, and this is not to say that any of them are unpure, but likely and differing synthesis route.

Photograph of Adrafinil powder from Powder City by Pill Scout


Checklist: Buy Adrafinil Powder

As mentioned above, it can be very difficult to know whether or not an online retailer is reliable and selling a genuine product – particularly if they are based abroad and are not a very well-known company, as is often the case for Adrafinil vendors. There are a number of things that you can check from the website and a quick Google search to determine whether or not a seller may be reliable.

Things to look for in an online retailer:

  • Independent customer reviews
  • A certificate of analysis
  • Contact details for the company (not just an online form)
  • Information about the product manufacturer
  • Money-back guarantees
  • Safe payment method
  • Details of returns policy, and what may happen if product stopped at customers

Product Image and COA

If an image is provided on the website, then check the label and ingredients. A batch number should also be provided along with the COA. This certificate should be provided by a third party laboratory, which has checked that the product is genuine, and that the ingredients and product label are accurate. If a COA is not provided on the webpage, then it is recommended that you contact the vendor and ask for them to send it to you.

Adrafinil Ebay


It is best not to buy Adrafinil from online marketplaces such as eBay; this is because the products sold here are not regulated and so it would be relatively easy for the seller to send you a fake (or even dangerous) product. Companies that specialise in supplements and sell a range of products may be deemed more reliable. Larger companies may be better organised and offer better customer service; those that are well-established are also likely to be the subject of more independent customer reviews, making it easier for you to judge their reliability before purchasing from them.

Customer reviews are important

Remember to search for customer reviews of the company and the product before purchasing Adrafinil in bulk. Do not always trust reviews provided on the official website itself; instead, use a search engine to look for independent customer reviews from real customers. The vendor should provide plenty of information about the company and the product on their website. Full contact details should be available, as well as an in-depth description of the product, how it works, any potential side effects, and whether or not there are people who shouldn’t take the product. The company should also provide a disclaimer stating that the product has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to treat or cure any illness.


If you are looking to buy Adrafinil powder in bulk, then it may be best to contact the company first. This way you can judge the company by how long they take to reply, the information that they provide and the quality of their reply. Also make sure that the company use a safe payment method. Some companies will offer a money-back guarantee – this is definitely a plus, but be sure to check the terms and conditions of the guarantee before assuming that you will qualify. Always practive due diligence before commiting to a large purchase online.

Adrafinil Powder Review

Adrafinil can be bought as powder or in capsule form. Some people also opt to buy Adrafinil powder and then cap it themselves, using a capping machine. There are positives and negatives to both methods. By purchasing Adrafinil powder you have more control over the dosage (i.e. the ability to increase the dosage by, say, 50mg). Capsules on the other hand almost always come in 300mg doses. This would not be beneficial for the user on who stated that he got the full effects of Adrafinil at just 50mg.


Similarly, if somebody determined through experimentation that their optimum dosage was between 300mg and 600mg, then it may be best to use Adrafinil powder and divide it up as it is not usually possible to buy capsules between these doses. This is primarily because Adrafinil may cause side effects when taken in doses above 300mg. Weighing Adrafinil powder yourself could also be more accurate; it can provide a more specific dose and eradicates the possibility that capsules are ‘bulked out’ with other, inactive substances.

On the other hand, Adrafinil powder may be more difficult to transport than capsules, and harder to take subtly. The powder is also renowned for having a highly unpleasant taste and so consuming it in beverage form may be challenging.

Nezxon on LongeCity:

“Adrafinil definitely has a really bad smell and taste”


Taking the capsules is also a lot less hassle than capping the powder yourself. Many Adrafinil users have mentioned the fiddly process of capping Adrafinil, often stating that it is not worth the time and mess.

Sleepyfishie on Reddit:

“In terms of effective dose: I slightly notice 300mg. 600 mg registers, but less than 100mg of modafinil or 75mg of armodafinil. It’s incredibly difficult to get that much powder into capsules (and due to the consistency of the powder, it takes forever to fit into each cap). Dissolving it in liquid is simply unbearable, for me.”

Buying Adrafinil powder in bulk may be more cost-effective for those who take the substance regularly, and know of a reliable supplier. This method is usually considerably cheaper than purchasing smaller amounts. It is then up to the consumer whether they wish to dissolve the substance and drink it, or put it in to capsules themselves. It is important that the consumer invests in some device to accurately measure doses as too much Adrafinil can cause side effects. Purchasing a scale or capping device may cost money, but would only be a one-off purchase and so may result in savings in the long-run.

Adrafinil powder vs capsules


How to take Adrafinil Powder

Adrafinil powder is water-soluble, and so it is usually recommended that the powder is taken on an empty stomach. Taking Adrafinil on a full stomach could reduce its effect since it is absorbed and eliminated from the body very quickly. It has been stated that 1g of pure Adrafinil should dissolve fully in hot water. It may be best to take Adrafinil powder around 15 minutes before eating in order to optimise the rate of absorption.

As mentioned previously, a consumer should begin by taking a small amount and increase this gradually in order to gauge the optimal dosage for them. Avoid taking the substance at night time or within the hours before you plan to go to sleep as it does have a stimulant effect. To avoid potential side effects or the development of a tolerance, it is recommended that you consume Adrafinil powder in cycles. For example, taking the substance for a week or two, and then having a break for a week.


People who have taken Adrafinil powder dissolved in water often describe an unpleasant taste. The powder can taste very bitter and Sulfuric. Some recommend that mixing the substance with a small amount of cranberry juice or MIO may help to reduce this taste, making it easier to drink. Alternatively, you could cap the powder yourself. This can be difficult to do by hand, but it is possible to buy a capping device that should make the process a little easier.

Taking Adrafinil may also make urine and sweat smell strongly Sulfuric. Whilst this is an unpleasant effect, it is often used as a way to determine whether or not Adrafinil powder is genuine. It was noted in a LongeCity thread that besides the smells and solubility of Adrafinil powder, another way to tell whether the substance is fake, is by performing a Marquis Reagent test:

“Adrafinil should react the same as amphetamine on a Marquis reagent test, that is orange->brown. Kits are available on amazon.”



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