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Why are adrafinil reviews so important?

If you were thinking of purchasing a car, you’d scour the market for the best one. If you were to watch a film, you’d refer to the star rating before buying your cinema ticket. If you wanted to go on holiday to a particular place, you’d listen to the friend who had already visited. Having prior knowledge of anything to which you are about to offer your money seems like a given. This is why we believe that understanding adrafinil reviews is key before purchasing.

However, screaming with greater importance than any of the above examples is the necessity of reading real reviews from real people who have tried various supplements. You can always change your mind about a material purchase but your health might not be as reversible. If you have made the decision to try a new drug, then the next step should surely be to find out more about it. The choice you have made is going to impact your body and your health, so it is worth having a snoop around before you commit to purchase.

The pharmacy industry – and particularly the online community it has generated – can be filled with falsities and unreliable accounts. There is certainly much caution to be taken when trusting a website offering your required product. They might sing its praises, and these might be in tune with your questions, but it should always be remembered that many websites are trying to sell their product to increase their profits. You are essentially agreeing to put your money and health in the hands of a computer system: a lot of technological codes and a few images, but not much personable reliability.


Trust word-of-mouth. Trust those who, at one point, were in the same position as you. There are plenty of reviews on internet forums wherein the vast majority of queries that might crop up are answered by actual users of the drug. However, though their response may satisfy your question, it is always important to make sure the person providing the review is reliable as well. Who are they? Do they actively participate in the online community? Worse than trusting any old website is trusting a fake account.

Spotting a Fake Adrafinil Review

It might therefore be better to refer to the third party review software requiring the contributor to have purchased the product before. Verification for the user certainly validates their suggestions and advice. It is worth always remembering that subjectivity won’t equate to unanimous agreement. Meanwhile, a real person’s review is better than a computer company review; but your own judgement will always prevail over a potentially illegitimate account.

Considering above, it is worth learning about the tell-tale signs of a fake account. Here are some examples of potentially illegitimate reviews on a variety of discussion boards:

Here, moderators have accompanied the comment with a warning statement:

Notice that there is no accompanying info, just a link to an online seller. It appears a bit dodgy, and should be treated with caution if you are tempted to click the link to buy the product.

On this thread, the user has since deleted their account. However, their comment appears to be promoting the use of other “stuff” to protect the liver. Is this relevant? Its food for thought.

[–][deleted] 1 year ago

On certain fitness supplement sites they sell stuff that you’re supposed to take with oral steroids that supposedly protects your liver. If you’re really concerned I’d check those out.

An example for the lazy http://www.powerlabnutrition.com/liverclean1.html

Although better to be gone than clogging up the thread, it is always worth reading thoroughly to check that all comments link up. If they don’t, then an illegitimate user could have had their comment removed by the moderators and you might not even notice.

So, what exactly do we have to notice in order to realise inauthenticity? Always remember these four pointers.


Obvious things to be wary of are contributors without proper usernames. These might include “Anonymous” or “Member”. On pages like Longe City, profile pictures accompany the names, so it is also worth noticing whether a default image remains. If this is the case, the user might be fake or not reliable and trusted on the discussion boards.

Profile Page

If they are regular and trusted contributors to the online community, then the number of posts they will have submitted will be of a fair amount. Pay attention, also, to how often they are online. This will be evident with the last time they submitted a post, for example, and usually this will be on a different thread than that which brought you to the profile page itself.

Post Content

There is cause for concern if a user chimes into the existing discussion with an irrelevant comment. The forum thread might be about the dosage of Adrafinil, but a person might pop up advertising a voucher code for a website selling the product. This obviously does not add anything to the conversation and suggests some kind of spam account used by a company.

Post Count

If their comment doesn’t seem out of place, then it is worth checking whether they return and/or answer other questions posed by fellow contributors. For example, a user might seem to agree with a previous comment about Adrafinil dosage, and their comment might seem legitimate. However, if another user directly asks them a question to which they never reply, then something will seem off. Regular and trusted users will continually check the threads for replies and leaving adrafinil reviews, if they have sincere intent, will agree or disagree with other comments. Humans converse with each other, fake accounts don’t!

Adrafinil Experiences

adrafinil experiences

You’ve located a forum that seems legitimate. As you scroll, it is good to differentiate between the reviews that speak of the product itself, i.e. its effectiveness and so on, and those that talk about the service of the product, i.e. whether it came from a legitimate website. This review by mkith on Reddit, for example, begins by commenting on a previous contributing user’s reluctance to use Adrafinil, but then focusses more on the laws surrounding the product itself.

It is not a review but rather a suggestive addition to the thread that, while fairly helpful in terms of explaining drug legitimacy, offers little help by way of discussing its actual bodily effect:

Agree you are already on some meds plus you are young, you should have tons of energy. ?

I’m not actually 100% sure on the laws. I think it is legal to order prescription meds for personal use. I forget modafinil is scheduled though, don’t know why it got that label

Of course, this is good information to have in order to build a full picture before purchase. Sourcing your supplement from a reliable place, and knowing that your purchase is all above board, is equally as important as finding out about the drug itself. However, this will surely come after you’ve researched the effects and made the educated decision that this is the supplement for you. Only then are you ready to move onto the next step of physically locating the product from an online seller and double-checking its authenticity.

This is why potential users should always first take note of the reviews that discuss physical experiences of the drug.

Take TrashPockets’ offering on Reddit, for example:

I’m a 5’10” 250lb male and a student. I have some ADD symptoms and while traditional stimulants are fun, I don’t really like the idea of taking them regularly. So I did some research and found the afinil family a while ago. I finally decided to pull the trigger on some adrafinil to test the waters on modafinil before I committed to the lengthy and (somewhat) costly process of buying 50-100 pills of a drug I’ve no experience with.

I’ve been taking adrafinil (from Nootropics Depot) for about 5 days now and in short, I must say I approve. I’ve been experimenting with various doses, so I can’t provide much in the way of a guide for new people, but my experiences might help someone decide to pull the trigger.

Pros: *Enhanced energy and focus.

*I feel “up” all day, without the speedy feeling that stimulants offer.


*I’ve been getting a little stomach irritation, nothing very bad and nothing I would describe as nausea, but I get occasional irritation nonetheless. Usually goes away pretty quickly, so there’s that.

*I get occasional headachy type feelings.

The review as a whole clearly explains the extent to which the product was thought to meet the user’s needs. Meanwhile, TrashPockets has been checked for validity: they are an active member of the community, having their email verified and a member for three years. Stats like these can be found by clicking on their username, which will bring up their profile user-page. Here, you can also access their contributions to other forum threads.

In terms of the review itself, the full description and inclusion of cons as well as pros is suggestive of TrashPockets’ simple intention of sharing his experience of Adrafinil in order to both guide potential new users, while inputting into the existing discussion on the topic.

Adrafinil User Reviews

adrafinil reviewssOnce you’ve separated both fields of research into experience reviews and product reviews, it is much simpler to locate those that reliably answer your questions.

Google is a wonderful thing in that it brings up pages upon pages of possible locations for your queries, based on a few key words. It is easy to see that FAQ’s can be answered across the board if savvy searches are conducted and trustworthy sources are found thereafter.

Reddit offers many of these results. For example, I might wish to know whether a higher dosage than seems average for Adrafinil users will be damaging for me. One search and a whole thread of discussion appears. Here, user iwant2feel asks:

For Adrafinil, does higher dosage mean more potency of effects? Or does it only add on to the duration?

A plethora of responses follow. eebsamk, for instance, is given three points by other viewers of the forum, showing that his response is most helpful in the given context.

Also, you should account for the fact that the longer you use adrafinil, the adaptive mechanism of your body basically upregulates the enzymes that convert adrafinil to modafinil, so the conversion rate increases and at some point you can start using less adrafinil for the same effect. I’ve noticed this after about four weeks of 4x/week use. It’s kinda like tolerance, but in reverse.


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