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adrafinil review

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Last Updated February 14, 2022

Looking for an in-depth adrafinil review?

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This is a helpful guide to using and purchasing adrafinil, a research chemical that’s actually a metabolic prodrug of modafinil (which means that it’s converted to modafinil after ingestion).

Adrafinil is interesting because in the US it’s neither a supplement nor a drug. In most countries it’s treated as a research chemical, meaning you don’t need a prescription to purchase it. However, it’s only available for research purposes.

In this article we’re gonna deep dive into what it is, how it works, IF it works, it’s potential benefits and effects, the right dosage (including a little info about stacking it with other nootropics) and the best place to buy it online.

All of this stuff is super important to know if you’re planning on purchasing it.

Ready to learn more about adrafinil? Then read on!

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What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a research chemical that’s structurally nearly identical to modafinil. In fact, it’s a prodrug of modafinil, meaning that your body metabolizes it into modafinil after ingestion. Therefore, it potentially provides some of the same benefits and effects. Its original and primary use was as a eugeroic (wakefulness agent) for people with sleep disorders [1, 2].

It was actually discovered before modafinil was, and beat modafinil to the prescription drug market by a few years as a prescription wakefulness agent in France. However, pharmaceutical companies quickly lost interest in adrafinil after the more powerful modafinil came on the scene.

Olmifon, the name brand of adrafinil, was manufactured until 2011, when it was discontinued. However, adrafinil is still produced by other companies, and remains available for purchase in several countries where it was never classified as a prescription drug, including the United States.

Nootropics researchers are particularly interested in its nootropic, or brain-enhancing, benefits. Adrafinil may in fact provide some powerful cognition-boosting effects.


Does Adrafinil Actually Work? | Our Experience

But let’s get to the nitty gritty: does adrafinil actually work?

The answer is…. It depends.

We know, we know…that’s not the answer anyone wants, but it’s the truth.

Among nootropics researchers, there are some seriously mixed feelings about adrafinil. Some researchers claim that it works extremely well. On the other hand, others have had the opposite experience.

Ultimately, it boils down to each individual’s unique body chemistry, which is affected by several other factors.

Us? We’ve found adrafinil to produce smooth, cognition-enhancing effects, lasting to the tune of 10-12 hours following administration.

Adrafinil Benefits and Effects | Top 5

Here are the top five nootropic benefits of adrafinil. It’s important to note that these benefits have mostly been seen in animal studies, as the available research on the effects of adrafinil in humans is very limited.


Adrafinil is a wakefulness agent by design, and was originally developed as a prescription drug for people with sleep disorders. It may help you to stay more alert during the day [1].

Several animal studies have noted increases in alertness and activity after adrafinil administration, as well [3, 4, 5].


On a similar note, adrafinil may provide a more sustained level of energy throughout the day to help prevent fatigue or slumps.

Increased energy was its original purpose when it was marketed as a prescription drug in France, and many researchers have likewise reported that it increases energy levels [1].


In several animal studies in aged beagles, mice, and rhesus monkeys, researchers have noted that adrafinil led to increases in locomotion, or movement and activity [3, 4, 5, 6].

Although results are mixed, most studies note this effect [7].

In humans, this could potentially translate to an increase in productivity. However, more research in humans is needed.


One small study in aged beagles investigated the effects of adrafinil on test performance [8].

Researchers found that adrafinil significantly improved their performance, reducing errors and the time it took the dogs to complete the task [8].

Although this is early animal research, it’s nonetheless promising and provides some insight into how adrafinil may affect human subjects.


The same beagle study noted improvements in learning and information processing, which resulted in the dogs’ improved performance [8].

Given its potential to cause improvements in learning, memory, test-taking, and cognitive performance, adrafinil is a solid starting point for researchers interested in nootropics.

Ideal Adrafinil Dosage Guide

Everyone’s ideal adrafinil dose is different, so it may take some time for a researcher to figure out the best starting dose.

Olmifon’s package inserts had recommended a dose of 600 mg, but this may be too high for some people.

As a reference, adrafinil is thought to be one-half to one-third as potent as modafinil. Given that standard modafinil dosing ranges from 100-200 mg, it may be wise to administer a starting adrafinil dose of 300 mg and then work up to 600 mg if needed.

For flexible dosing, look for adrafinil in powder or liquid form. If you choose powder form, you’ll need a precise instrument, like a kitchen scale, to measure out your doses.

It’s a wise idea with all nootropics to administer the lowest possible dose that provides the effects desired.

Also, researchers are well-advised to administer adrafinil in the morning to avoid causing sleep disruptions in the subject. One of the most commonly reported side effects of adrafinil is insomnia. After all, that’s its purpose — it’s intended to keep people with sleep disorders awake!


Where To Buy Adrafinil Online? | 2021 Guide

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How To Order Adrafinil in Your Country

Adrafinil may or may not be a prescription drug in your country.

We know for sure that it’s not a prescription drug (and therefore, can be purchased online for research purposes) in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

On the other hand, adrafinil requires a prescription in Australia.

Although it was once recommended to be scheduled in New Zealand due to potential for abuse as a party drug, it still appears to be unscheduled there.

It’s hard to find information online about adrafinil’s status in other countries, so you may need to do some digging if you don’t reside in one of the countries listed above. offers worldwide shipping, although it’s your responsibility to know the legal status of adrafinil in the country you’re having it shipped to.

A final note: adrafinil and modafinil have both been banned from competitive athletics by the World Anti-Doping Agency since 2004. So if you’re in competitive sports at any level, you should probably steer clear of participating in any nootropics research.

Stacking Adrafinil With Other Nootropics?

In the nootropics world, a stack is when you administer two or more nootropics together. The goal, of course, is a synergistic effect — where the compounds taken together have a more significant effect combined than each has individually.

Nootropics researchers have tried nearly endless combinations of stacks with adrafinil and modafinil.

One common one is caffeine, either in supplement form or from coffee or energy drinks. This may be a decent stack for subjects who need to stay awake for a while. These two really can have a synergistic effect according to numerous reports, so this combo isn’t for beginners and shouldn’t be administered to subjects who are prone to anxiety or panic.

Choline is another common one to stack with adrafinil. There’s some preliminary research that it may help with headaches, which is one of the main side effects of modafinil — however, this isn’t a sure thing. For some helpful strategies on dealing with this particular side effect, read this article on how to get rid of modafinil headaches [9].

Other nootropics that are often stacked with adrafinil include Noopept, racetams (piracetam, aniracetam, etc), ashwagandha and theanine.

However, stacking is not really an exact science, and there’s no research to support the effects of these stacks one way or the other.


In-Depth Adrafinil Review | Verdict?

Adrafinil is a prodrug of modafinil with a similar chemical structure. Because of this, it may offer some brain-enhancing benefits — like increased focus and concentration, lasting energy and better memory. However, how it affects the individual depends on their unique body chemistry — some subjects have reported that it worked great for them, while others have reported minimal effects.

If you plan to purchase adrafinil for research, the best place to buy it from is because of their strict quality control practices and commitment to great service. In many countries — the US, the UK and Canada included — adrafinil is not a prescription drug.

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