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Last Updated February 10, 2022

Ready to buy adrafinil? Make sure you know how it works, its legal status, and the best places to order it online.

Adrafinil is a potent research chemical that was originally developed as a wakefulness agent, and is now being heavily researched as a nootropic agent. It may offer several cognition-enhancing benefits, like:

  • Better concentration
  • Improved memory and recall
  • Lasting energy

In many countries, it is not considered a medication; rather, it is a research chemical. If you are a qualified researcher, you can easily buy adrafinil online.

In this adrafinil buying guide, we outline how the research nootropic works and list the most reputable vendors who will deliver high quality research nootropics to wherever you live.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a prodrug (or precursor) of modafinil, a prescription medication that’s well-known for its cognition-enhancing effects. In terms of chemical structure, the two are very similar. When the body metabolizes adrafinil, it’s converted into modafinil—and therefore may provide many of the same benefits of modafinil [1].

Adrafinil was developed as a eugeroic (wakefulness agent) for people with sleep disorders like sleep apnea and narcolepsy, but researchers have found that it may also provide some cognitive benefits [2].

It was first discovered by French scientists in 1974—a full two years before the discovery of modafinil! In 1984, adrafinil became available as a prescription drug called Olmifon in France.

However, Olmifon was discontinued in 2011, several years after its developer Laboratoires Lafon was acquired by Cephalon Labs, the manufacturers of the name brand modafinil product Provigil.

Now, adrafinil remains unregulated in many countries and is available for purchase online for research purposes.


Benefits of Adrafinil

According to existing animal research, adrafinil does hold promise as a nootropic agent.

Researchers report mixed findings when administering adrafinil for nootropics purposes, as subjects have had varying experiences depending on their unique body chemistry.

Regardless, here are potential adrafinil benefits that make it interesting from a researcher’s point of view:

  • More energy: Adrafinil was originally developed and marketed as a prescription wakefulness agent for people with sleep disorders, so one of its primary effects is as a stimulant [1].
  • Increased productivity: Several studies in dogs, monkeys, and mice have noted that adrafinil administration increases locomotion (or activity) among these animals. Although human studies are limited, these results suggest that adrafinil may help improve productivity [1, 3, 4, 5].
  • Learning improvements: One study in aged beagles noted that adrafinil administration resulted in fewer mistakes and faster learning compared to beagles who did not receive adrafinil [6].
  • Improved alertness: Adrafinil may likewise cause alertness in humans. The noted increases in activity from adrafinil are likely a result of the energy it provides, as it’s a wakefulness agent.

Keep in mind, though, that the vast majority of research on adrafinil has been done in animals, not human subjects.

Where To Buy Adrafinil Online? | 2021 Guide

Our two favorite, most trusted adrafinil vendors are and Nootropics Depot. Below we discuss both in turn. research-grade adrafinil, delivered promptly offers adrafinil in two forms: liquid and powder. Dosing differs slightly between the two, and they’re surprisingly inexpensive.

We like because they do not compromise on product quality. Not only do they test each ingredient as it arrives at their facility, they also have each batch of product lab-tested for a number of factors. After third-party testing, does an additional round of in-house testing to verify and confirm the results. Finally, the test results are available online for you to view for each and every batch of product sold by Here’s what they test for:

  • Purity: This testing ensures that a research compound has not been cut with anything or otherwise diluted in any way.
  • Identification: This testing helps to verify that a compound is what it is claimed to be.
  • Structure: This testing identifies the chemical structure of a compound, helping to assist with identity verification.
  • Heavy metals: Heavy metal tests are done to assess the presence of heavy metal compounds, which can be harmful in large quantities.
  • Contaminants: Finally, contaminants testing ensures that a product is not tainted by any undisclosed ingredients, allergens, or other contaminants. Specific tests look for yeast, mold, E. coli, S. aureus, and Salmonella.

We also like that is very serious about providing great service and continually improving. They have a reputation as being an excellent source of research chemicals and compounds across the world. Additionally, they offer options to pay with cryptocurrency and you can receive 10% off of your order when you sign up for their email list.

Nootropics Depot: lab-tested adrafinil capsules at a fair price

We also love Nootropics Depot. They offer adrafinil powder and 300 mg adrafinil capsules.

In addition to being a place where you can purchase these research chemicals, Nootropics Depot is also a one-stop shop for information about research nootropics. Their buying guides provide a wealth of information, and they also offer a virtual tour of their labs on their website.

Like, Nootropics Depot is meticulous about their product quality. They too test each and every batch of product that arrives at their lab for purity, identity, and presence of heavy metals or contaminants. They also partner with several different third-party testing laboratories to complete independent tests on each batch, as well.

Nootropics Depot operates their facility as a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility, meaning that it meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration guidelines. In addition, they operate under International Standards Organization 9001 and National Safe Foods standards. They’re also currently working towards certification by National Safe Foods and Safe Quality Foods for the ISO 17025 standard, as well as NSF certification through NSF International.

For any product you purchase from Nootropics Depot, you can contact them with the lot number and they will provide you with the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for that specific batch so you can view the test results yourself. Additionally, the specification sheets are available on each product page. These are the criteria that Nootropics Depot uses to grade their products, and you can rest assured that each and every product you order from Nootropics Depot will live up to the standards detailed on the specification sheet.

Although there are other places online where you can order adrafinil, some of them are honestly pretty shady. We put our trust in and Nootropics Depot because they’re reputable, transparent organizations focused on providing high-quality research nootropics.

Adrafinil Side Effects and Safety

As a prodrug of modafinil, adrafinil may have many of the same side effects.

Two of the most commonly reported side effects of modafinil include headache and insomnia. If your research subjects get headaches from adrafinil use, you may benefit from this article on how to get rid of modafinil headaches [7].

Some subjects have noted that adrafinil may cause insomnia if taken too late in the day, but this is often remedied by administering it first thing in the morning. This allows adequate time for the substance to metabolize and work its way through the subject’s system before the evening hours.

The United States National Library of Medicine also details several other potential side effects of modafinil, some of which can be severe. Subjects experiencing severe side effects—which may include swelling, skin rash, or anxiety—from adrafinil should seek medical attention [7].

Additionally, adrafinil and other substances with stimulant effects should not be combined with other stimulants, like prescription amphetamines, illicit drugs, or even high doses of caffeine. Additionally, they should not be combined with depressants either, like marijuana or pain medications.

In subjects with preexisting medical conditions or prescription medications, adrafinil should be avoided.


Is Adrafinil Legal?

Adrafinil’s legal status depends on what country you are in.

In certain countries like Australia, adrafinil is a prescription drug.

However, in most other Western countries, it’s treated as a research chemical. Where it is not scheduled, you do not need a prescription to purchase and possess adrafinil for research purposes. We know this to be the case for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In New Zealand, adrafinil was once recommended to be classified as a controlled substance because of its potential for abuse as a party drug. However, as of this writing, it is still unscheduled.

But be warned: If you’re a competitive athlete, you should avoid participating in adrafinil research. In 2004, adrafinil was banned from competitive sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency [1].

Where To Order Adrafinil in Your Country?

One of the reasons and Nootropics Depot are our preferred vendors is because of their shipping practices. Both of these companies offer shipping within the United States, with same-day shipping on most orders and free shipping in the continental US once you reach a cost threshold.

Nootropics Depot offers free FedEx shipping on orders of $50 or more, and offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Additionally, both and Nootropics Depot offer worldwide shipping, so if you’re outside of the United States you can still purchase from these trusted vendors.

However, you should be aware of shipping restrictions and customs requirements in your country for international packages, as the vendors cannot be held responsible for customs delays.

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Ordering Adrafinil Online | The Verdict?

Adrafinil is a research chemical that may help increase energy, productivity, and alertness in research subjects.

It is not scheduled in many countries—including the US, the UK, and Canada—so it is available online for research purposes. However, competitive athletes should refrain from partaking in adrafinil research as the compound has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

If you are ready to buy adrafinil, be sure to go through a reputable vendor like or Nootropics Depot. In addition to offering worldwide shipping, these sellers are meticulous about product sourcing and dedicated to quality control, ensuring that the research chemicals you buy are of the highest possible quality.




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