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Last Updated June 21, 2022

Is Adrafinil available on Prescription?

Adrafinil is best known under the brand name ‘Olmifon’, or ‘CRL-40028’. Because it works as a stimulant, physicians in some countries prescribe the drug for people who need help staying awake. Its ability to prevent drowsiness could make it very useful for people who struggle with tiredness, for example, those who work night shifts or suffer from narcolepsy.


Once ingested, Adrafinil is metabolised in the liver to Modafinil. Adrafinil is a ‘prodrug’; this means that it should have the same effect as Modafinil once consumed, but that these effects may be delayed as Adrafinil requires time to be metabolised in the body. Modafinil is also available as a generic version in its own right. Depending on your country of residence, Adrafinil and the aforementioned sister drug may or may not be available on prescription.

Whilst Modafinil is available via prescription only in the United States and the United Kingdom, as in many other countries, Adrafinil remains unregulated. This means that the substance is not regulated by law, and so can be purchased without a prescription. The unregulated status of Adrafinil does, however, mean that the substance has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and so in many countries the substance is sold by a variety of companies, each of which may be offering a slightly different product.

In Australia on the other hand, both Modafinil (as Modvigil) and Adrafinil are only available by prescription. The differences in availability in different countries will be discussed in more detail in the sections below.

Adrafinil Prices and Deals


Where to Buy Adrafinil

In countries where Adrafinil is not available on prescription, the substance is usually legal if purchased for personal use in small quantities. Adrafinil is more commonly purchased than Modafinil because, despite Modafinil sometimes being the preferred choice of the two, Adrafinil is generally easier to get hold of. As mentioned previously, most countries require a prescription for the use of Modafinil, but many don’t for Adrafinil.

Adrafinil is often sold by private companies as a ‘smart drug’, with a target audience of students, or anyone requiring a mental boost. The substance is thought to help to keep people awake and focused. Whilst it does not directly improve cognition or memory, it is often purported to achieve these results indirectly by improving focus and concentration, and reducing tiredness.


Since this use is not for the treatment of a medical condition, it would not usually be possible to get a prescription of Adrafinil (where available) unless you suffer from a sleep-related condition, such as narcolepsy. As such, those who want to take the substance for this purpose have to look elsewhere and purchase the product from a private retailer.

If you are sure that it is legal to buy Adrafinil in your country, and you have done your research and understand the dosage and potential side effects associated with the substance, then you have several options regarding where to purchase the substance. Unfortunately, it is not usually possible to find Adrafinil on the shelves of high street stores, or on the websites of well-known health retailers. This is because Adrafinil is unregulated, and stores often refrain from selling products that have not been approved by the FDA or equivalent service. However, this is simply a preference of that particular store, and not a legal requirement.

Instead, you will likely have to venture into the selection of lesser-known online supplement stores. Adrafinil may or may not be legally sold in your country of residence; in some countries where the substance cannot be legally sold however, it is legal to purchase a small amount from an international company.

Olmifon, as sold by Cephalon, was the only available branded Adrafinil product. This product was however purportedly discontinued in 2011 after the equivalent of the FDA in France reported adverse side effects, and stated that the benefits of Adrafinil do not outweigh the risks.

How to Buy Adrafinil Online

Purchasing a supplement from an online retailer can be a daunting task, and finding a reliable retailer may not be as simple as it first seems. It is extremely important that you research the retailer and manufacturer thoroughly before transferring any money and buying Adrafinil from them. It is integral that you take steps to ensure that the product is safe.


It is never recommended that you purchase supplements from online marketplaces such as eBay. This is for the simple reason that eBay sales are unregulated, and often very basic small time businesses (or individuals) are able to start selling a product. A seller could send you a fake product, or even an opened or dangerous substance rather than the Adrafinil that you thought you were ordering. You have very little protection when purchasing from such websites and so it should be avoided.

One user on Reddit (LegoOctopus) mentions the difficulties with getting a genuine Adrafinil product on Ebay since Cephalon stopped making Olmifon:

“Have you actually been able to find authentic adrafinil? Every supplier I’ve bought it from since it was discontinued sent me a flavorless, water insoluble white powder that was definitely not adrafinil (and was quite possibly corn starch)”

Things to check when considering an online retailer:

  • Does the company sell any other products?
  • Does the company have plenty of positive independent customer reviews?
  • Is it easy to find contact details for the company?
  • Does the website provide advice regarding dosage, side effects and people who should not take Adrafinil?
  • Does the retailer reveal details of the actual manufacturer of the product?
  • Is it possible to view a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the product?

If the answer is ‘no’ to one or more of the above questions, then be cautious of the retailer. The above list is not a definitive guide, but offers some useful guidance when choosing a retailer. It may also be true that some retailers do not fulfill the questions above, but still have quality products and services.

Companies should always be transparent in terms of the products they sell and where they are made. It should also be very easy to contact the company in the case of a problem. In terms of customer reviews, remember that those provided on product websites are not always reliable. In order to find independent customer reviews, you should search for reviews of the company in a search engine, such as Google. This way you should be able to find independent and most importantly, unbiased, customer reviews of the company and of the product. Some retailers offer their products on Amazon, which offers a great review system for you to analyse.


The larger the company and the more products they sell, the easier it should be to find information and reviews about the company. As such, larger companies are often deemed more reliable. Any retailers selling Adrafinil in a country where it is unregulated should provide a disclaimer stating that the product is, for example, not designed to treat or cure any illness. They should also provide full details of the Adrafinil being sold, including dosage and any potential side effects.


To ensure that a product is genuine and safe, you should view a certificate of authenticity. If this is not available immediately on the web page, then you can contact the company and ask to view one. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is usually provided by a third party laboratory that checks the batch for its safety (e.g. Colmaric Analytics), and confirms that the product is what it says on the label. Often, unscrupulous vendors may only offer a COA from their Chinese manufacturer, which is not always a sign of a pure product.

Remember that price should not always be the main factor when purchasing Adrafinil. Safety should be ranked much higher. After all, there would simply be no point in purchasing a cheap product that was ‘fake’ and thus did not have the desired effects. It is better to research different products and companies in detail before making your decision.

Ways to Spot Fake Adrafinil

It can be very difficult to know whether or not the product you receive is genuine, pure Adrafinil. This issue is made worse by the fact that not everybody will react in the same way to Adrafinil; as such, just because you do not notice the effects that the substance should have, does not necessarily mean that it is not Adrafinil.

Unsurprisingly, there are some ‘fake’ Adrafinil products available, particularly since the substance has been discontinued by Cephalon and so is now only sold by a number of lesser-known online retailers. Whilst some products may be a different substance entirely, others may be ‘bulked out’ with other, non-active substances.


In a discussion on Reddit, users have written that 1g of Adrafinil should generally dissolve in 1 litre of nearly boiling water because pure Adrafinil is water-soluble.

Interestingly, a user on LongeCity has also stated that:

“Adrafinil should react the same as amphetamine on a Marquis reagent test, that is orange->brown. Kits are available on amazon.”

Another way to spot a fake Adrafinil product is supposedly by the taste. If the substance is tasteless, or does not really taste of much, then users of LongeCity have stated that it is likely to be ‘fake’. This is because Adrafinil has a very strong, bitter, chemical taste. It is also reported to make your urine smell strongly Sulfuric.

Three easiest ways to spot fake Adrafinil (based on user experiences):

  • Cloudy when 1g Adrafinil is dissolved in 1 litre of hot water
  • Product does not have a distinctive smell
  • Urine does not smell any different to usual

Modafinil on the other hand is not usually reported as having a strong smell. There are warnings, particularly for Modafinil, regarding fake products being sold from India. This user on Reddit has written about a strange experience, wherein the company sent a batch of the product for free, asking for payment later. The customer received an unknown brand of Modafinil that was not mentioned on the website, and does not seem to be recognised by other users in the forum discussion.


One member describes this experience as a ‘confidence scam’:

“It’s a confidence scam. Once someone has done you “a favour,” you perceive yourself as being in their debt. You’ll buy the expected quantity, as it only seems fair. You won’t complain that it’s crap, because you received some for “free” at the outset. You’re less likely to complain about what you get for free.”

How to Buy Adrafinil Near You

Adrafinil is available from online retailers all over the world, though it is very rare to find the product in high-street stores. The substance is popular, and there are a lot of discussions online regarding the best places to purchase Adrafinil, particularly after the discontinuation of Olmifon in France. In some countries, it is illegal for the substance to be sold in the country, but legal for a person to import a small amount from another country for personal use. Generally speaking, it is probably easiest to purchase from a company based in your own country if this is a legal and viable option.

Adrafinil UK

It is very difficult to determine what is and isn’t allowed in the field of supplements and nootropic drugs in the UK. Nevertheless, it is understood that Adrafinil is not controlled in the UK; this means that it cannot be given by a doctor on prescription, but also that it has not been approved by the MHRA. It is legal to buy a small amount (supposedly enough for up to 3 months) of the substance from retailers for personal use. It is not, however, allowed to be sold in the UK, unless as a research chemical.


There are however, a few popular vendors that ship to the UK. Users from the UK on forums such as this one have recommended ‘’ and ‘Pharmacygeoff’, who ship from Singapore, for Modafinil. A user of Yahoo Answers recommended for Adrafinil, stating that this is the company that used to be the top seller on Amazon, before Amazon prohibited the sale of Adrafinil.

Adrafinil USA

As is the case in the UK, Adrafinil is not regulated in the USA. It cannot be obtained via prescription, and has not been approved by the FDA. However, some retailers do still sell Adrafinil as a supplement with domestic US dispatch.


There is some debate over the products sold by Smart Drugs for Thought, with some people on this thread stating that their Adrafinil has no effect, and others stating that it is completely genuine. Others on the same thread recommended as a vendor. medsforbitcoin,, mymodafinil, and thepharmacyexpress were all recommended as well-known vendors on a thread on Reddit.

Adrafinil Australia

Unlike the regulations in the UK and the US, Adrafinil is only available on prescription in Australia. Users of a BlueLight forum state that it belongs to Schedule 4 Prescription Medicine in Australia. It is unclear whether or not it is legal to buy small quantities of Adrafinil online and have it delivered to Australia for personal use, as is the case in the UK and US. A number of online retailers do ship to Australia, however, Australian customs are notoriously strict.


Many companies ship worldwide, including to Australia. With one of the most trusted being absorb health.

Adrafinil Canada

Health Canada has not approved Adrafinil, and it does not have a Drug Identification Number. In common with the other countries mentioned here, there does not seem to be any laws against importing small amounts of Adrafinil from other countries for personal use. Whilst it is not legal to buy Adrafinil from retailers within Canada, a number of vendors internationally will ship to Canada.


One Adrafinil product is actually available from the Canadian Amazon, sold via the aforementioned Absorb Health. recommends Canadian buyers purchase Adrafinil from reliable US stores, such as Peak Nootropics. Individuals on this Reddit thread argue that it can be difficult to get Adrafinil products past Canadian customs, and recommend buying Adrafinil from a US-based company, rather than places such as India (e.g. medsforbitcoin). One user in particular recommends the vendor “Absorb health”. Awakebrain is another US-based vendor.

Do you Buy Adrafinil Powder or Adrafinil Capsules?


Adrafinil is available in both powder and capsule form. Powdered Adrafinil is a very popular form, but can apparently be more difficult to source than Adrafinil capsules. The powder form can be dissolved into hot water, or compressed into tablets (with a little more difficulty). A review on Nootropics states that you should not consume more than 300mg of Adrafinil per capsule, and that new users should begin with a dosage of around 100mg to determine tolerance. As the person gets used to the substance, they may wish to increase the dosage gradually. It is also recommended that you consume Adrafinil in cycles, taking regular breaks. This should prolong the effects, as people can build up a tolerance to the substance.

Some users prefer not to dissolve Adrafinil powder in water to consume it due to an unpleasant taste, though the strength of this taste may depend on the precise product. Instead, people may wish to purchase capsules, or cap the powder themselves. This can be done using a ‘pill capping device’ that can be purchased on websites such as Amazon, making the substance easier to carry around and consume.

Which method people opt for depends on a number of factors. For example, some people find it difficult to swallow pills and so may prefer to dissolve the powder in to a drink. Others opt to cap their own pills, but some users find this process fiddly and time consuming, such as this user on LongeCity:

“I really dislike capping my own supplements even though I have 1000 vcaps and a 100 slot acrylic manual filler from China. It’s just messy and I have more money than time.”

One other reason people choose powder is because it may be difficult to determine precisely how much of the substance is present in capsules, which may be ‘bulked out’ or filled with other substances. That being said, the same can be experienced with the powder form, which can have other inactive substances added, in order to make it look like a greater quantity.

Those who opt for Adrafinil powder need to be able to accurately measure dosage themselves. In order to do this, they must own very accurate scales. Using scales rather than scoops is recommended, as the density of Adrafinil powder may vary depending on the batch. The cost of the product can rise significantly if you need to add on the cost of scales and a capping device, though these would be one-off purchases.


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