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how long does adrafinil last

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Last Updated February 10, 2022

Researchers interested in exploring vigilance-promoting research chemicals may be curious about how long adrafinil lasts.

This comprehensive A-Z guide will outline what researchers need to know about how long the nootropic compound’s effects may last in test subjects. We review adrafinil’s benefits, side effects, onset period, half-life, and duration of action. This guide will also discuss the various factors that determine how long adrafinil lasts when administered to test subjects, such as individual tolerance levels, diet, state of health, and more.

For researchers interested in conducting experiments with adrafinil, this guide will also highlight the best source of research-grade adrafinil solution and powder, so keep reading till the end to find out.

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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a “prodrug” of modafinil that is liver-metabolized into modafinil—its main active metabolite—and modafinil acid. It was discovered in 1974 and developed by Louis Lafon Laboratories of France following studies showing that adrafinil is a powerful psychostimulant in animals and dramatically increases nocturnal activity [1].

In 1985, the Lafon Group released adrafinil in France under the proprietary name “Olmifon.” It was generally prescribed to elderly patients who struggled to stay alert and mentally active during the day. Olmifon was marketed as a “vigilance-promoting drug” and was also used to aid patients with narcolepsy, a rare condition that causes sufferers to feel extremely drowsy in the daytime [2].

Adrafinil’s popularity waned following Lafon’s introduction of “Modiodal” in 1994. As a pure modafinil product, “Modiodal” was a faster-acting and more potent narcolepsy treatment, meaning that patients could take smaller doses and still experience comparable wakefulness benefits. “Modiodal” quickly became Lafon’s flagship product and was introduced throughout Europe and around the world. Modafinil gained United States Food and Drug Administration (“USFDA”) approval in 1998. Meanwhile, adrafinil fell into clinical disuse, and in France its marketing approval was withdrawn in 2011.


Benefits of adrafinil

Adrafinil has the following documented benefits:

  • Increased alertness and cognitive enhancement
  • Enhanced performance motivation
  • Improved athletic performance

Each of these benefits will be examined in greater detail below.

Increased alertness and cognitive enhancement

Adrafinil's primary benefit is that it acts as a “eugeroic,” or a wakefulness-promoting agent. In France, Olmifon (brand-name adrafinil) had been used to increase alertness in elderly patients who struggled to maintain mental clarity during the day. Much of adrafinil’s effects come from its primary metabolite modafinil, which has been proven to offer significant cognitive benefits, including “cognitive neuroenhancement” even in healthy, non-sleep-deprived individuals [3].

According to a cross-sectional study on pharmacological cognitive enhancement among non-ADHD individuals in 15 countries by Maier et al., adrafinil is one of a number of compounds that is deemed a “nootropic” thanks to its uses as a cognitive enhancer [4].

Enhanced performance motivation

Research has shown that adrafinil acts as a low-level dopamine reuptake inhibitor that increases levels of dopamine in the brain. This powerful neurotransmitter plays an important role in mood, motivation, and sense of overall well-being. A canine study published in 2000 found that adrafinil significantly increased “performance motivation” in dogs [5], and researchers found that “electroencephalographic activity” in the dogs’ brains rose dramatically after adrafinil was administered. Adrafinil has been shown to have a similar effect in humans, with two French studies showing that Olmifon improves the mood and motivation of elderly patients [6, 7].

Improved athletic performance

Due to its ability to increase alertness and performance motivation, adrafinil has a history of being used by athletes as a performance enhancer. The drug was banned by the World Anti-Doping Organisation (WADA) in 2004 [8].

Adrafinil side effects and safety

In contrast to modafinil, which has been widely researched, comparatively little research has been conducted into adrafinil’s side effects. What little research exists has been conducted in France and published in the French. According to an Olmifon product summary created by Cephalon France (the company that acquired the Lafon Group), adrafinil can cause the following side effects when administered at doses of 600-1,200 mg/d [9]:

  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Gastralgia
  • Tremors
  • Agitation
  • Confusion
  • Aggression
  • Psychic excitement
  • Oral-facial dyskinesias (rare) [10]

According to the Olmifon product summary, these side effects subsided as soon as Olmifon doses were reduced or the treatment was discontinued [9]. However, dyskinesias can last for a period of several months if left untreated.

Adrafinil’s side effects are similar to those caused by modafinil, which include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Cataplexy [11]

There is just one documented case of modafinil causing dependence and hypersexuality, and it involved an individual taking extremely high doses [12].

The main difference between these two compounds is that adrafinil, as a liver-metabolized prodrug of modafinil, places extra strain on the liver and may cause liver enzyme values to become elevated with prolonged use. But according to the Olmifon product summary, even patients with severe renal impairment could take Olmifon, albeit at a lower dose (300-600 mg) [9]. Adrafinil’s potential to cause liver damage may have factored into the decision of the French medical authorities to revoke Olmifon’s marketing approval in 2011.

How Long Does Adrafinil Last?

Researchers curious about how long adrafinil lasts should note that its duration of action varies significantly between animals and humans. A 1985 study by Milhaud CL et al. examined the effects of adrafinil on the nocturnal activity of ten rhesus monkeys and found that adrafinil’s stimulating effects lasted approximately 36 hours [13]. However, human trials have found its duration of action to be much shorter, typically 12 hours or less [6, 7].

According to the Olmifon product summary, adrafinil has an absorption half-life of 12 min ± 3 min and reaches maximum plasma concentration in 0.90 ± 0.2 h [9]. The recommended dose for Olmifon (brand-name adrafinil) was 2-4 tablets (600-1,200 mg) per day divided into two doses. Given that adrafinil’s elimination half-life is one hour [14], this suggests that adrafinil’s effects last for approximately 6-12 hours.

Human trial data shows that the length of time that adrafinil’s effects last for depends on two main factors:

  • Individual tolerance level (and sensitivity to stimulants)
  • State of health (liver function, body weight, and diet)

As adrafinil is currently available as a research chemical, an additional third factor is the purity of the adrafinil used in the experiment. All three of these factors will be explored individually below.

Individual tolerance

Individual’s tolerance levels, and sensitivity to stimulants, can affect how long adrafinil lasts when administered to test subjects. Most human trials have involved doses of 900 mg/d, but these were lowered for individuals who experienced adverse reactions [6, 7]. Cephalon France’s own guidelines stated that health professionals could prescribe Olmifon to elderly patients within a broad range of 600-1,200 mg/d [9], suggesting that dosing protocols can be flexible.

State of health

The overall state of health of test subjects, including their liver function, body weight, and diet, can all play a factor in how long adrafinil lasts. The Olmifon product summary stated that individuals with severe hepatic or renal impairment should limit adrafinil intake to 300-600 mg/d [9].

Adrafinil purity

The purity of a given batch of adrafinil can have a significant effect on how long the drug lasts. Following Cephalon’s decision to discontinue Olmifon production in 2011, adrafinil has been available almost exclusively as a research chemical. The sale of research chemicals is not as strictly regulated as prescription drugs and the purity of adrafinil solutions and powders can vary widely from one vendor to the next. Researchers should therefore conduct due diligence to ensure that they procure research-grade adrafinil from a reputable vendor to obtain reliable research findings.


Adrafinil Half-Life and Dosing

As adrafinil is a research chemical, there is no “recommended” or “safe” way to dose this compound in an experimental setting. However, we can review how licensed practitioners have prescribed Olmifon in the past (during the time when it was available), and discuss how researchers have dosed adrafinil in human trials.

What is the half-life of adrafinil?

A study into the methods used to screen for adrafinil in athletes noted that adrafinil has an elimination half-life of one hour [14].

How should adrafinil be dosed?

According to the Olmifon summary sheet, adrafinil could be prescribed to elderly patients at a dose of 2-4 tablets (600-1,200 mg) per day [9]. This dose could be divided in half, with patients taking half in the morning and the other half at midday. This further suggests that adrafinil’s effects last 6-12 hours.

Micro-dosing adrafinil

The Olmifon product summary document states that patients with severe hepatic or renal impairment could be prescribed a “micro-dose” of adrafinil of 300-600 mg/d [9].

Moderate adrafinil dose

Several human trials have administered adrafinil at a moderate dose of 900 mg/d. Test subjects who experienced side effects such as increased aggression were switched to a lower dose [6, 7].

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Adrafinil Half-Life | Verdict

Adrafinil has a half-life of approximately one hour and a 300-900 mg dose is enough to provide subjects with a full day of vigilance. The way that test subjects respond to this research chemical depends on a range of factors including the individual subject’s weight, tolerance to stimulants, diet, health, and liver function. While studies have shown that adrafinil can increase wakefulness and alertness, further study is needed to determine its exact length of action in non-elderly test subjects.




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