Adrafinil Vendors Review – Cheap Adrafinil Prices 2019


Last Updated June 21, 2022

Where to Buy Adrafinil

Because Adrafinil is not approved by the FDA, it is difficult to purchase in physical stores. You are not likely to buy adrafinil near you, unless you live near one of these suppliers. Although only medically available by prescription in the US and the UK, you can order adrafinil online and receive a package in the mail.

Ordering adrafinil online is legal in most countries, but, because it is unregulated, it is important to be cautious about who to buy from and the form that you buy it in. This article seeks to go through the available and reputable options, so that you can best find the way that is best for you. Some vendors carry capsules only, some carry powder, and others carry both — the general consensus is that powder can be difficult to measure dosages properly and that capsules, being pre-measured, are a better choice.

However, since capsules may also vary in size and users can have different dose requirements or sensitivity to adrafinil, they may have to measure their dosage anyway.

We discuss dosage further in our article “Adrafinil Dosage,”, but in general 600mg in the morning and 600mg at midday or midafternoon is what we, and most sources, recommend. We also go more in-depth on “smart purchasing” strategies for adrafinil in our article on how to “Buy Adrafinil.”

This article, “Where to Buy Adrafinil,” is intended to build off of both of those articles, going in-depth on various adrafinil suppliers — their selection, shipping, reputation, and pricing — so that you can make better purchases.

We drew our selection, in part, from Morris on Health's 2019 List but also from adrafinil sellers in general. They are, here, listed in alphabetical order.

So where can you buy adrafinil?

Absorb Health

Absorb Health sells adrafinil capsules in the following quantities.

  • 30x for $32.99
  • 70x for $69.99
  • 100x for $94.99
  • 150x for $119.99

They offer free shipping on us orders over $75, and claim to offer “fast shipping” and a “money back guarantee.”They also make the claim that their adrafinil is “one of the most powerful nootropics on the market.”

Information on the store page includes warnings and advice on how to use, which are brief but accurate, and a link to a scanned PDF of third-party testing certification. As of the writing of this article dated 5/14/2015.

They accept most credit cards, echeck, and bitcoin and allow shipping to a wide range of countries. For the US, the list of “states” also includes “Armed Forces (AA),” “Armed Forces (AE),” and “Armed Forces (AP).”

Despite this convenience, Reddit lists them on their “Vendor Warnings” list:

“Absorb Health has sold inauthentic products either knowingly or unknowingly. Their pramiracetam and ginseng were confirmed to not be authentic.”

The owner, under the username Absorbhealth, attempted to confront these allegations in a Reddit thread in September 2017. Although their response is detailed and logical, it also leans towards the negative (poking at other companies) and is very combative, over all.

Cryogen and a few other users report good experiences:

“I've been a customer of you guys for over a year. I've never had any issues with any of your products. I prefer you guys since you seem to have the best prices along with the products I'm looking for.”

But most reddit users did not approve of Absorb Health or its owner.

User BillyBobBanana:

“Beware purchasing from Absorb Health! I recently purchased a bottle of 750mg Aniracetam pills from them though After receiving the product and weighing the pills (weighed ten different pills to make sure) every one of them was at least 100mg underweight! Skip these swindlers!”

it also previously had listings on Amazon, but it no longer shows up in a search and the listing for Adrafinil has been taken down.

The Better Business Bureau has a sparsely-written page on Absorb Health, with several complaints and a poor review on file. However, overall they are rated A- by the Better Business Bureau, a high grade.

Nootropedia’s article on Absorb Health is more neutral. It acknowledges the allegations, the reddit community, and Absorb Health’s lack of third-party testing. However, it states that the poor experiences and quality have gone down, so Absorb Health may be changing its practices for the better.

Corpina's review is overall positive, stating that absorb health is a legitimate and reliable company, but comments on the article are more mixed, with some agreeing with the positive view and others complaining of poor shipping and customer service.

They have a Facebook page that was referenced by both Corpina and the Reddit community. The page primarily links to articles about supplements produced by other sites. The overall reviews of absorb health on facebook are 3. 4/5 and are mixed. Most complaints on their page are about issues with shipping and refunds.

In sum, Absorb Health’s reputation is mixed, but may be improving. Our site carries this brand in capsules and powder form.

Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood will show up in the top listings of any search for adrafinil, but it only carries capsules in the 30x per 300mg range, and costs $29.95 per bottle. Multiple bottles can be bought at a discount as a double pack ($54.95) and a triple pack ($74.95). They also have an option to subscribe to a delivery of either pack every 30 or every 60 days for a further reduced price. Their COA for adrafinil can be found here.

They also sell over Amazon but do not appear to carry Adrafinil in their online store.

One of their major claims is that they manufacture their adrafinil in the US, under normal regulatory standards, and offer free shipping to US users. Reviews on the site are positive, citing easy ordering and fast shipping times. Val K. in particular highly recommends the site:

“I have been ordering from this website for years – it is safe, reliable and easy to navigate. I also like the fact that it has honest and substantial information about each product, possible side effects and benefits. Also, the reviews come from real people like me, and I can testify that this is a responsible company with excellent customer service and fast shipment.”

This claim of good service and quality is not refuted on reddit or other forums, so Double Wood is a possible good option.

Health Naturals

Health Naturals carries Adrafinil in capsule form only, including several different quantities:

  • 30x 300mg capsules for $18.94
  • 70x 300 mg capsules for $39.94
  • 100x 300mg capsules for $53.94

They third-party test their adrafinil to “verify purity levels,” and do not sell under other brands. Their COA can be found here.

Health Naturals does not offer free shipping for their adrafinil, but the fee is relatively inexpensive for the US and for Canada. They do not offer to ship to countries other than the US or Canada.

The Better Business Bureau rates them an A+ and customer reviews are high.

Virginia S. Writes:

“I've been a Health Naturals customer for a couple years now. They are the absolute best, most responsive company I've ever dealt with. They send a confirmation as soon as you place an order, and there's always a real human available if you have a problem. The product quality is very consistent and excellent, and they ship orders incredibly quickly. They have earned my loyalty. When I'm looking for a supplement of remedy, I always check Health Naturals first. They're the best company I've ever dealt with.”

The other two reviews on the site remarked on the fast service and good quality of the product. In short, the online community considers Health Naturals a good choice for buying adrafinil.

Intellimeds sells adrafinil in powder, capsule, and in blend form.

The powder is available in

  • 5g £20.00
  • 10g £36.88
  • 25g £80.93
  • and 50g £123.12

The capsules are available in

  • 20x 150mg £17.35
  • and 40x 150mg £32.13

At the time of writing, the 100x counts (£70.68) and 200x counts (£107.62) were out of stock.

The product “Nootropics Blend 6” is a mix of 100 mg Adrafinil, 10mg Noopept, 10mg Vinpocetine, and 100mg Centrophenoxine. It comes in a package with 60x capsules (£71.98) at time of writing, the 30x capsule package (£39.95) was out of stock.

They claim to have a certificate of analysis, though users at Longecity found this questionable. In a correspondence with user muay, the company said:

“Our suppliers provide us with a COA for every batch that we purchase.

We do not disclose information about our suppliers as we consider this to be commercially sensitive information. We supply a summarised COA for our customers which contains most of the important results.”

On Reddit, user Muay was concerned that this was not reputable. Despite this, other users in the thread were happy with the product. Reddit users reported reliability and quality:

From user peptidehunter:

“I've ordered from them several times and never had a problem. Had a few of their products tested and no quality issues.”

They are local to Europe and will ship to the US and other countries for a minor delivery fee.

Reddit users do report some issues:

From Reddit user MrHumanRevolution

“In terms of support they are very unreliable. I ordered 2 times from them and got with my first order a completely other product and they needed over 1 month to deliver it to me, my other order was even more bad, i ordered 3 things and got only 2 of them and still didn't get any refund or reship and that was over a month. If they wouldn't be located in europe iI wouldn't buy from them.”

And there are issues with receiving underweight product.

So there are some concerns. However, it is one of the few Europe-based companies, which can result in better shipping times and going through customs.

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot carries both powder and capsules. They sell:

  • 30x 300mg capsules for $25.99
  • 90x 300mg Capsules for $63.99
  • 5g powder for $14.99
  • 15g powder for $33.99
  • 30g powder for $59.99

Reviews on the site are overall good. Most people received the package in a timely manner and were pleased with their results. One unnamed customer rated their Adrafinil 4 stars and had issues with dosing, illustrating how variable dosing can be:

“This did exactly what I wanted it to do, and I am pleased with that.

In fact, it may have done it a little too much – as a petite person, if I'd known I could only get to sleep at night by using 1/3-1/2 the amount of product first thing a.m., I would've just bought the powder. Much as I love the convenience of capsules, I may get the powder next time, unless a smaller capsule becomes available.” however, the unnamed user was still happy with the product and the ordering process “But regardless of the form, I'm likely to purchase the compound from this site again.”

William, an experienced user of adrafinil, noted that adrafinil had varying effects for him in general, but that Nootropics depot provided a good quality product worth rating 5 stars:

“As always, a good quality product from ND. Personally, adrafinil has inconsistent results for me, whereas Modafinil/Armodafinil are more consistent. Nonetheless, if you're looking to try it, this is the place to get it!”

Most other negative reviews were about the effect of adrafinil.

It does not include free shipping in the US, but offers shipping to a long list of other countries.

There are concerns about shipping to Canada. Reddit user tripler142 reported an issue with nootropics depot sending illegal amounts of their product. This issue was difficult to resolve, but other commenters had mixed experiences with the customs system. Users in other threads reported that they did not have issues, but it is still something to keep in mind.

Reviews on reddit are also overall positive. In the forum thread “Satisfied with Nootropics Depot” multiple users are happy about both quality of products and quality of service. User NZT Eddie commented:

“Great service.

The one and only time I had an issue they flipped it into the best customer experience I’ve had.

One of my 30ct bottles had only 3 pills (sealed). I sent an email to customer support. They asked for the lot number to look into it. I figured since I opened it it would be my word against theirs and would be pretty easy to say tough luck.

Not only did they end up sending me a new bottle, they sent it overnight shipping, and credited my account for the purchase price in addition to a sincere apology, then asked for info from the order sheet (also hand written thank you) so they could try and ensure it wouldn’t happen going forward.

Was loyal due to the quality product before, now I’ll always buy from them due to their customer service.”

Other users claimed that the nootropics that they received from Nootropics Depot were of higher potency, too, but they were not specifically talking about adrafinil.

In late 2018, the packaging underwent a transition. Though most old product should be out of stock by 2019, users may receive packaging without the lift-and-peel liner. This is a remainent, not tampering, and is safe.

They do in-house testing, and did not show a COA for adrafinil. However, in all, many people consider it to be their top choice.


Newmind sells adrafinil powder in containers. They offer

  • 5g for $15.88
  • 10g for $22.88
  • 20g for $40.88

The 5g container may be ordered in multiples for a bulk discount, though this does not extend to the other sizes. They offer multiple shipping methods, including international to a broad list of countries.

No reviews were found on the site itself, but they do have current COAs.

Reddit users reported some issues with getting products ordered through Newmind through German customs (even though Germany was not the point of destination) but user labratdream was positive about the company itself.

“Btw Great thanks to newmind for their support. They sent me second package a month after first one but of course it's on hold too.”

Users in the thread were advised not to use UPS for this reason. Users in the US do not report shipping issues.

The company appears to be going through some serious changes, however, as reddit users expressed frustration with new policies put in place by Newmind reporting that they require “account approval.”

User rxdick describes it accordingly:

“yeah they ask for id plus paperwork that you actually work for a company. i tried to sign in the other day with no success.”

Other Reddit users elaborated further — it apparently requires “proof of identity,” and “affiliation with lab/workplace where you will be researching the chemicals.”

User LovetteItZee also expressed mistrust in their quality and account approval policy, and User airal3rt also reports serious price gouging for other nootropics, and several users reported that they had trouble contacting customer service and placing orders.

User ThaiMegadose in particular posted about a long and arduous customer service process.

“After eyeing some newmind products for a while I finally took the plunge and ordered some $100 worth of compounds. Made sure to do some research to check if anything I ordered was scheduled where I live but seemed fine.

Shipping notification was fast, roughly 2-3 days after submitting, but the order never made it to my place. I'm guessing it got stuck in customs. I contacted NewMind support and they told me to contact UPS. UPS then told me they handed the package over to the local postal system and I have to inquire with the vendor to get the local tracking number that was given to them, to be able to check here directly what's going on.

And yeah, that was it. I sent 3 follow up requests to NewMind asking about the tracking number but have not received a single response back. Nothing. My first request about shipping got answered on the same day (where they told me to contact UPS), the rest has not received a reply back.

I sent a last follow up a few days later on a different email and received a notification that they have merged my ticket into my previous request, but no response. This tells me that they are actually reading my message, but simply choose not to reply.

It's been almost 2 months since I ordered and am very unsatisfied with the communication. $100 isn't that cheap and the reason why I even ordered so much is so I can save on the shipping cost, but for all I know the parcel is probably lost for good by now.

As a first time customer, this is not a good experience and I will make sure to think twice about ordering here again despite all the good things I heard. Being stone-walled on support requests isn't very nice.”

A Newmind representative later replied to their post, claiming that the problem lay with UPS, apologizing for the unanswered customer service emails, and sending a new package. However, the issue remains unresolved, and ThaiMegadose edited their post accordingly:

“/EDIT: NewMind posted an honest reply to this post and replaced my shipment which hopefully makes it to my place this time. The good public handling of this is enough for me to consider this as just a fluke and would probably still purchase from them again even though I had some problems.

/EDIT2: The second also didn’t make it to my place and as previously, NewMind stopped replying to my mails.”

There are also reported issues with placing credit and debit orders but they do accept bank wire transfers as well as bitcoin, COD, mooney order, and eChecks.

These issues are from 2018 and early 2019. Previously, the company had a good reputation with redditors who praised its service and customer care.

In short, though the packaging is professional-looking and distinctive and the site was previously trusted, the company appears to be going through changes and may not be the best option to purchase from until it resolves these issues.

Nootropics City

Nootropics City sells adrafinil in 300mg capsules that come in:

  • A 20x capsule sample pack for $19.99
  • a 40x capsule sample pack for $37.99
  • a bottle of 60x capsules for $54.99
  • a bottle of 90 capsules for $63.99

As well as various options up to two bottles of 180 capsules at $249.98. They provide a third party COA for their product.

Reddit has few issues with Nootropics City.


“I had their adrafinil once. It was okay, worked about as well as adrafinil should.”

Reviews on their Facebook page are fairly balanced.

Etem Ibraim did not recommend Nootropics City:

“If you live outside the US, you have to Pay with Bitcoin! I did it and did not receive my package. I contacted them twice, No Reply!”

Dan Wieten recommended them:

“Prompt and timely shipping, quality products. My favorite nootropics site.”

The overall review score is 4-star and there are otherwise no red flags. Nootropics city is on the expensive end,  however.

Nootropic Source

Nootropic source sells adrafinil powder at:

  • 5 grams for $14.59
  • 10 grams for $24.95
  • 25 grams at $49.95

They are shipped double sealed in a mylar bag that is moisture and UV resistant, and is also packaged tastefully with their branding and the name of the product. They claim fast and free shipping on US orders over $150, and offered to ship it within a single day of ordering. This was investigated on a Saturday, implying that they would ship out on Sunday.

They permit many different kinds of payment methods, which they list on their payment page here. This page also includes tutorials, and includes many money transfer apps. Paypal and credit cards appear to have been supported in the past, according to reddit user timc2015 but they do not appear to support those payment methods now.

They make a “research purposes only” claim and include a legal disclaimer so they may have been cited in the past. They also claim  “independent lab testing” and have a certificate viewable in the store page.

However, reddit users in 2018 were not so certain.

Voyager256 complemented their customer service:

“I had good experience with them. Once they didn't send me NSI-189 solution with an order, but when I contacted them about it the finally send it.”

timc2015, claiming to be an experienced customer of nootropic source, did not feel that it was worth their patronage, complaining of weak and low quality product, though they felt that they did recieve the correct product.

“One thing that's a bit of a bother is that many of the certs on the site are dated, associated with the wrong products or cannot be opened.

I wouldn't write them off entirely, but I'd give them about a B- at this stage.”

Kylekingsly says:

“Was just about make a post about these guys, I get their stuff might be impure sometimes but I really don't feel like they deserve all the hate. ”

Overall, on reddit, nootropic source has a mixed reputation. Some redditors have had good experiences, others have had problems with payment and they may use false reviews.

Reviews on Trustpilot seem to support this, with reviews being split between “excellent” and “bad”

As an example, Alex Wall posted a 5-star rating:

“Have purchased through them multiple times over the past year. Great product selection and superb quality. Packages have always arrived in a timely manner and they even threw in a sample for me once or twice. Highly recommend them to anyone interested in nootropics, best company I’ve dealt with by far!!”

and Dexter Walks posted a single star rating:

“Do not be fooled by the fake reviews or lured by the low prices.

I have ordered and tried their aromasin, liquid tamox, liquid clomid, mk, and gw501 all part of the “perfect pct” protocol from this source. I specifically chose this source because of the very low prices.

It was my first time trying Sarms. I am a long time steroid user in my early 30s. I did not notice any effects good or bad from any of the sarms I tried from here.

Do not waste your money on this source.”

Though it was not about adrafinil, he did have problems with the quality.

In these two reddit threads user relevantme talks about their use of nootropic source.

“Again, for all I know, their products might be real, but they may be incredibly impure. I really don't know. Apparently I'm willing to take the risk that they aren't straight lying to me in order to save some money.”

Livecortex, however, rates nootropic source as one of their trusted and reputable companies. General consensus is that, while not a scam, it is a mixed-quality vendor at mixed-quality prices.

Peak Nootropics

Peak Nootropics sells adrafinil powder in containers ranging from 10g to 50g ($34.99 to $159.99). Their website does not have information about the nootropic/prodrug and has a disclaimer reading:

“Notice: This product is sold as a research chemical and any usage is a decision based on your own research.  Please read all warnings and recommendations and conduct serious research before purchasing.  By using our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.”

Otherwise, their sale page is sparse, not containing very much information or a COA.

Reviews on the site are mixed. Several people did not feel effects and were not satisfied with the quality of their product:

From Warren

“Overall, my experience was not a desirable one, I felt absolutely no desire to increase productivity and motivation was completely unchanged. I think I was more interested in distracting myself to avoid my unease i was experiencing.”

and John:

“I took my first dose of 300 mg at 6pm expecting it to metabolize and keep me going all night long. I chose to forgo my usual coffee to see what Adrafinil could do as a stand-alone product. I envisioned a super long, hyper-focused session that night. Unfortunately Adrafinil did nothing. By 11:30 I was yawning and ready to curl up under a blanket. I went up to bed and fell asleep in 10 minutes. I slept through the night with no disturbances. In theory, I suppose Adrafinil has a long enough half life that it could build up in your system over time, but I have to be honest this is such a weak drug, it would be more effective to spend your money at Starbucks.”

However, most reviews were 4-5 stars and positive:

From M. Hood:

“Terrific product! Did exactly as advertised. I work in a field which requires rapid and accurate decision making. This product improved the “mind to hand” process ten fold. Thoughts come much more quickly and clearly. Very fast shipping and excellent customer service! I will surely be making another order sooner rather than later.”

The products ship to a broad list of countries and there is a flat service rate of $8.58 for US shipping and a choice between first class international and priority international for outside of the us.

Peak Nootropics also sells through their Amazon store and both credit cards and bitcoin are accepted.

Nootropedia reports (and a look through the site confirms) that while they claimed, previously, to test their products they do not always do third-party testing. Purity information is not available on the site, either. While this does not mean that Peak Nootropics is an unreliable seller, it is a red flag.

They also reported inconsistent delivery:

“According to some reports, people have made multiple orders with Peak Nootropics and not received any product in return. Even as recently as December and January, 2016 many angry customers complain about receiving no products or waiting 7 days before being shipped.

We recognize that any business with a high volume of orders will have some fall through the cracks. Most likely, people (especially those in the United States) have a high deliverability rate despite the few hiccups found online.”

As well as prior issues with fake reviews.

The Gonootropics review seems to refute several of these points:

“Time and time again their nootropics have been consistent and they’ve always arrived on time.”


“Peak Nootropics subjects all of their powders to independent third party testing to ensure quality and purity. This is the most important criteria when selecting a nootropics vendor…

Peak Nootropics has their certificate of analysis posted directly on their site and continually tests their product.”

However, no COA appears on their site.

In short, there is a concern that the company is not reputable and may be paying off reviewers. However, some non-affiliated people do recommend Peak Nootropics, and it has a long history of being in business.

Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics sells adrafinil capsules and powder in the following options:

  • 30x 300mg capsules for $25.99 (USD)
  • 90x 300mg capsules for $59.99
  • 15g of powder for $33.99
  • 30g of powder for $55.99

The product has 4-5 star reviews, and they have current COAs on their sales page, and advertise “free domestic shipping.” We found that they do not charge a shipping cost for US orders and offer priority mail and priority mail express for an additional price. They will ship products to Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, switzerland, and Thailand for the normal international first class or priority mail fee.

Allie reports that she received her package relatively quickly, and  was able to track her package throughout the process.

“My order arrived in just over 2 weeks and I was able to track its entire journey right to my doorstep! As for the product itself…”

She was satisfied with the product's quality, as well.

“I had rather expected to be disappointed but this works (for me at least) EXACTLY as described. There is none of the horrible jittery nervousness experienced with other ‘stimulants’ and (big plus) there is no crash either. My brain feels ‘awake’ with clean/fresh energy. No mid morning sluggishness and no desire for an afternoon nap. I find taking it in the morning on an empty stomach works best.”

becca805 agreed;

“I was very skeptical about ordering. However, my order shipped quickly and I was updated routinely on its status. The packaging is discreet. This really works! I even skipped my morning coffee. I must say it works best on an empty stomach for me. I have so much energy and focus! It isn’t ‘erratic’ energy. I am able to stay focused and on task! I highly recommend this product!”

While Allie had their product arrive in 2 weeks, Jessie only had a few days delivery,

“I ordered this on Saturday afternoon. I was very surprised that it arrived today (Monday) because mail doesn’t go on Sundays so I wasn’t expecting my package to arrive until tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m very happy with the shipping. I am also very happy with the product.”

Nootropedia also rates them highly, stating that the company uses a reliable third-party tester and has a good track record of purity and responsibly recalling incorrectly formulated products.

Smart Drugs for Thought (SDFT)

Smart Drugs for Thought, or SDFT, sells adrafinil capsules from the Neuro-force brand. They do not report using fillers, and claim that their capsules contain 300mg of pure adrafinil.

They sell in 30x capsule bottles only, but you can buy in bulk from their site, likely resulting in multiple bottles being sent to you. They ship via USPS, though an alternative carrier can be requested via the shipping notes and via email. They claim same day shipping, and ship to a sizable list of countries including the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Russia, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.

The text on their sales page is highly SEO optimized, but links to an info page and a COA.

However, the reddit community does not consider SDFT a reputable supplier:

“Smart Drugs for Thought a.k.a. “Smart Nutrition for Life” LLC has a long history of deceptive advertising. They periodically create sock-puppet accounts to praise their own business, here and elsewhere. Users have complained that their capsules filling isn't accurate, with some capsules being entirely empty.”

It has a 2-star review from Yelp, wit the most recent review by Jacob W. accusing it of being a scam. Others mentioned that, while previously a reliable supplier, they had problems receiving their products or getting empty bottles. Trustpilot agrees with many of these points and  also rates them poorly.

Jeff Wells:

“I bought from them a couple years ago and everything was great. After buying in April 2018 and having to pay with crypto, however, it appears they took the money and ran. The product was never sent, and they do not respond to emails or answer the phones.”

Dustin Bosworth left a 5-star review, claiming fast shipping and quality product. However, since they have a reputation for astroturfing, and because Better Business Bureau also rates them poorly (an F rating) this should be taken with a grain of salt. They also report that poor customer service, delivery, and lack of a refund is a “pattern of complaint” that has not been resolved.


xNootropics sells adrafinil capsules at:

  • 30x for 25.20€
  • 60x for 48.89€
  • 90x for 72.82€

Their product page has a short but complete overview of adrafinil, its dosage, its side effects, and its effects. The information is easy to read and accurate, and fairly balanced.

It also has a few reviews, but they are all 5-stars.

Michael writes:

“I have been suffering from the consequences of a burn-out for years after working too much in the office and not listening to my body. I tried many supplements to improve my well being but nothing really helped. One day my best friend told me about Adrafinil so i tried. It actually worked to my surprise. Now i take it since about 6 months every now and then when i feel i need it. The effects last about 5 to 6 hours. I take 100mg capsules 3 mg times a day. I'm excited about the effects. My motivation, focus and mood has finally improved. I used to buy from nootropics depot but they once sent really bad quality and it took ages… so i ended up here.”

When checked for shipping (on 5-11-2019,) none of the capsules were in-stock and an order for adrafinil could not be placed.

It is notable that this is one of the few EU-based vendors, so users in the EU may find them convenient and less likely to be stopped at customs.

Reddit users have had good experiences with xNootropics.

mattan 99:

“I've ordered from X-Nootropics a few times and they sell good quality stuff, prices are just a little bit on the expensive side..”

Smavior says:

“Xnootropics, intellimeds and thoughtfoods come to mind. I only have experience with xnootropics as they have a nice website a good support and were alot cheaper than intellimeds. Thoughfoods might be my next purchase but so far I am pleasantly surprised with what xnootropics has to offer.” rates it highly, with reviews primarily “excellent” or “great” with a few “average” reviews.

Mattias Ahlström writes in his five-star review:

“I ordered from here a few weeks back and my order arrived safe and sound, in about a week.

The product I ordered was Adrafinil and it's of really high quality.

I will definitely order from here again in the future!


Other reviewers found issue with shipping, quality, and communication. Yanis Risorius reported in his 3-star review that his order was delivered incorrectly.

“UPDATE 2! I got the goods, yet not exactly what I ordered. I ordered Noopept in capsules, yet they sent it as a powder. I messaged them about this yet got no reply so.. they deliver the product but the quality of communication and service could be better.”

Other users reported that they were successfully refunded when they contacted xnootropics with their complaints.

In all, a reputable company with decent communication and customer service that is based in the EU. While they have made some mistakes, it is considered to have a good reputation and their adrafinil was reviewed well.

Zach Attack Supplements

Zach Attack Supplements sells 300mg Adrafinil capsules and claims “99% purity.” They only offer a 30 capsule container for $19.95, but it can be ordered in multiples. They claim to  be tested by HPLLC laboratory testing, but don't have a COA available.

They appear to ship to a wide range of countries and offer a range of USPS-based shipping options. Shipping is not free, and sales tax will apply.

They accept many credit card numbers, and also mention that they accept paypal as well. This is a big positive for the reddit community, and they overall have a good impression of the company and the owner as a smaller vendor. They appear to have COA for other products, but not for adrafinil.

Reviews on their site are positive. James McGrady posts:

“Tried the sample and was a good boost for mornings.Very happy with the product and super fast shipping as always!”

and Reddit has positive reviews of Zach Attack's quality and shipping.


“I use Zach attack! This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered from him and the reason im sticking with him is because he ships when he says he will ship (m-f orders go out)

He doesn’t ship orders on Saturday or Sunday but his website specifically states that.

High quality products from the variety of 3 that i continuously order”

Overall, though, Reddit is ambivalent to Zach Attack supplements. Though the original poster of a December 2018 review complained of inconsistent quality and a poor service response, they later update that the proprietor, Zach, is working on the issue. Zach himself comments in the thread, though he is somewhat aggressive in his replies.

The company has a Facebook page but it is infrequently updated.

Overall, this company seems to be a low-staffed “labor of love” that primarily re-sells other products. Zach Attacks has a reputation for delivering an effective product at a reasonable rate, but the lack of a COA is concerning. Since Zach appears to be very responsive, it may be a good idea to contact him directly and ask for a COA for adrafinil if you are interested in purchasing.


We have listed several companies above, and have attempted to remain neutral in our analysis. However, based on our research, we can make a few recommendations:

Capsules or Powder

Whether you buy capsules or powder is up to your preference and up to the company you decide to go with. Capsules is easier to dose, but powder can be measured with scoops. Reliability and price isn’t always the same, but powder is usually cheaper.

Best Place to Buy Adrafinil

From our analysis, Health Naturals, Pure Nootropics, and xNootropics are the most reputable and reliable suppliers on the market to buy your adrafinil from. They have a good history of delivery success, customer service, and quality.


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